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Technological innovation poses a massive threat to individual freedom but can also have a liberating effect against hostile central banks and government agencies. Bitcoin is a currency instrument that has the potential to revolutionize the global economy, and it is still in its infancy. Leaders from the Sound Money Museum will explain how the design of Bitcoin is meant to eliminate inflation, protect your privacy from Big Brother, and allow you to thrive amidst the drastic economic shifts that are imminent.

The rule of law has been devastated, and the justice system is being weaponized against political opponents of the Democrats. From the phony Whitmer kidnapping to the violence instigated by federal agents on Jan. 6 to Trump electors being targeted, America is beginning to resemble a Soviet-style legal regime. Hear from legal experts who have won cases and secured the freedom of political prisoners, and find out what you can do to raise awareness and support state lawmakers with the courage to fight back rather than ignore these massive injustices inflicted on American patriots.

Nullification was the "rightful remedy" to tyranny prescribed to the American people by the Founding Fathers. This history has been erased by the public school system, but elected officials are rediscovering our roots in response to Governor Whitmer's unprecedented overreach and assault on the 2nd Amendment. Learn the importance of exercising your right to resist illegitimate government and what the Grand New Party PAC is doing to elect county commissioners across the state who pledge to nullify unlawful acts.

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